Wonderful post! I especially like the mention of Outhouse 41 in a comment.

I was lucky enough to charter a Morgan 46 or something close to it in the BVIs for a month way back when.

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Charlie started a Star Class fleet in the Tampa Bay area by bringing a number of Stars down to Florida in the late 60’s.

He sold one of them , #721, to Don Ehler who competed for several years. He wanted to register the boat with the International Star Class Racing Association. They informed him that his boat had been owned by President John F. Kennedy from 1934 to 1942. Ehler promptly put the boat in a shed for 25 years, and where it remained until 1996 when I purchased it at auction and began a one year refurbishment that restored her to Museum quality. I gave her back the name she had when 17 year old Jack Kennedy owned her- Flash ll.

Flash ll was JFK’s most favorite thing in the world and he spent every summers day sailing her around the waters of Nantucket Sound from the break of day til sunset.

Just another story about an incredible and versatile Man, Charlie Morgan.

PS- good choice on the Outhouse 41. It will last you for your lifetime, they are basically indestructible

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