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I have very fond memories of Eileen doing a "concert" for one of the Great Harbour rendezvous. She did a song about a guy that knows he is dying and takes one last trip by himself, leaving his wife behind. I can remember working hard to not let anybody see me shed a tear over the story she told in her song! Great performer! Where can we buy the CDs?


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How I enjoyed reading this! I think of Eileen and David often and wonder what they are up to. How Eileen has made me laugh. The most wonderful wit. I remember Eileen having us sing the chorus in rounds to Something Delicious on the beach in Utila. For years afterward, I would get a craving for a Caesar salad and a T-bone steak. So many great songs. I played the Anchoring Dance for my Mom and she said « That is like when your Dad asks me to help him hook up the tractor. » The song that has stayed with me all these years and comes to mind often is the beautiful song « Trading in the Dream ». There are so many wonderful lines in that song, starting with Red Light Returning home. The line I always think of : « How many dreams does a lifetime get? Surely, I haven’t gone through all mine yet. » Kathy Parsons

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Well.....Stull my favorite sing if Eileen Quinn us friends. I sing it Still at Regatta in George Town and boaters still connect with that most wonderful part of cruising friendship. Thanks Eileen. Doug Sandercott. Maybe I will meet Eileen on our Canadian boat About Time a Beneteau we keep in Gore Bay.

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