Yes. I took some info and all the photos from them.

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“The tow rope then managed to wrap around both props stalling her engines.” Maybe we need to outlaw tow ropes? Just like guns, tow ropes are Dangerous! It is not the owner/operator at fault, right?

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I agree with Capt Westbrook's assessment, the whole situation is the fault of the crew. Wrapping tow hauser around props probably occured while in reverse. Something experienced crew would not do with lines trailing off the stern.

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Look at those sea why why who other than a short journey in flat sea even then have a crew member watching the tow to avoid exactly what happened.

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Here's a puff piece from the Royal Australian Navy on the rescue but it doesn't shed much light.

Navy to the rescue of stranded mariners

9 March 2023

HMAS Hobart’s rigid-hulled inflatable boat team rescues mariners from MY Vivierae II off the coast of northern Australia.

The ship’s company of destroyer HMAS Hobart rescued six mariners from a 30-metre motor yacht north of Australia on March 6.

A rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) was deployed from Hobart in unfavourable conditions to enable the rescue of the crew, who had experienced engine trouble and became stranded in international waters north east of Darwin, near Kolepon (Dolok), Indonesia.

Under the watchful eyes of skilled sailors and officers, the RHIB was launched safely under challenging conditions, effecting the difficult transfer of personnel from the disabled MV Vivierae II.

RHIB coxswain Petty Officer Christopher Keillor said he was excited to be part of the rescue.

“It’s a great feeling to be the operator in a situation like this and achieving the mission of getting people to safety,” Petty Officer Keillor said.

“The training we receive to become qualified as RHIB Coxswains prepares us well for operating in real situations.”

Hobart’s navigator, Lieutenant Dean Gilbert, was in charge of the safe execution of the rescue.

“RHIB operations require focus and careful consideration of the weather conditions and sea state,” Lieutenant Gilbert said.

“There are a lot of moving parts including providing an effective lee to enable the launch and recovery of the RHIB, to achieve a safe breakaway and recovery under challenging conditions.

“The team pulled together excellently for this rescue and it was great to see us achieve it safely.”

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A simple item like a floating tow line could have prevented the incident, losing the tender is bad enough, disabling a 7 million dollar yacht on top of it is just ….irresponsible..

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Human error. Plain and simple!

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Not wise to tow a large ’ tender’ offshore .

Anything can and will happen.

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Clear example of port decisions by the Vaptain of the ship.

Weather does not cause mishaps, a Captain taking his ship into peril causes mishaps!

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